Professional portrait of Stella Grizont, work happiness expert and coach.



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I'm Stella Grizont

I’m here to help you love your job so you can love your life even more. I believe that your talent is too great, the people you love are too important, and your life is too precious to waste feeling unenthusiastic, depressed, or miserable for most of your waking hours.  

I’m an author, speaker, and executive coach. Over the past 18 years, I’ve coached over 1,600 leaders and delivered talks to over 115,000 people across 45 countries. My unique strategies for career fulfillment were born from my own misery at work, imposter syndrome, people pleasing, and overdosing on Nutella. Today I help some of the world’s biggest brands foster greater happiness, engagement, and wellbeing at work. Now it’s your turn!
how did I get here?

From bathroom tears to a thriving career.

For nearly a decade, I chased success. Yet, despite achieving whatever I set my mind to, I found myself feeling empty, burned out, and crying in the bathroom. I regularly appealed to higher forces, “please, there’s got to be more to life than this.” Have you been there?

I hopped from corporate america, to the startup world, to finally running my own business. With each transition, I found someone to blame for my discontent. It was either the clients weren’t creative enough, the culture wasn’t cutting edge, or the leadership wasn’t aligned. Until finally, one day, in a Nutella coma, in a fetal position on the floor of my NYC studio, I realized: what if it wasn’t them? What if it’s been me all along?

I’m not sharing my story to point the finger at you…it’s not all your fault. But it is within your control to feel happier and more fulfilled at work (and in life). What I realized in that moment is that I had way more power and choice throughout my journey that I had previously acknowledged. That insight is the genesis of The Work Happiness Method, my signature course and now my first book. Even though things may feel overwhelming, chaotic, dreadful, or meh - we have the power to choose our path and how we show up. I’m excited to help you realize just how damn powerful you are!  

Ready to take control of your happiness at work? I can help.

Are you ready to harness your power and take command of your work happiness? To feel like your most alive self? Let me guide you on this transformative journey.

1,600 individuals

Stella has coached over 1,600 individuals

18 Years

Stella Grizont has been working in her field for the last 18 years.

45 countries

Stella has coached individuals in 45 countries.

115,000 happy workers

115,000 people have taken a live or virtual workshop with Stella


Stella was one of the first 150 people in the world to earn a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
Professional portrait of Stella Grizont, work happiness expert and coach.

Why work with me?

  • Save yourself time, money, and heartache by learning the skills to thrive no matter where you work or with whom.  
  • Experience the kind of success that brings you alive and feels meaningful.
  • Improve your mental health — wake up more calm, confident and excited about your day and stay steady when things go off track.
  • Retain and re-ignite your talent — with lower staff turnover and teams that are excited and engaged to collaborate!
  • Boost wellbeing, prevent burnout, and amplify positivity at work with simple mental health skill development.
  • Build an awesome company culture — that knows you care and are invested in their flourishing!

Let’s jump on a free call and see what works best for you.

Not sure where to start, or whether we’re a good fit? Book a free discovery call with me to get some clarity, see if we vibe, and find the best solution for you.
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The Book

If you are feeling dissatisfied, bored, miserable or just unenthusiastic about your work, it is not all your fault. But it is your responsibility to do something about it.

Learn the capabilities they don’t teach you in school or even on the job. Packed with practical strategies and evidence based tools, The Work Happiness Method is a roll up your sleeves and figure things out yourself approach to love your work (and life).
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