Turn your dreary day job into your DREAM job.

Life’s too short to be bored, bitter and burned out behind the desk. Join the thousands of professionals who have used The Work Happiness Method™ to love their job instead of fantasizing about someone else’s.
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Does this sound familiar?

You wake up dreading the day ahead & you aren’t sure what’s next in your career.
You’re stressed, overwhelmed, and are feeling burned out. You want more energy, balance, and to feel like yourself again.
You want to be inspired and make a difference. You want to enjoy your life and stop obsessing about work.

You’re Not Alone.

83% of US employees are disengaged at work (aka bored, miserable, or quiet quitting)
47% of them are looking for new jobs

Gallup, State of the Global Workplace Report in 2023

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

If you’re wondering, “is this all there is?” Know that there’s more.

Stella can help you work happier and live better. She’s supported thousands of people, from Fortune 100 leaders to first time managers, from tech companies to steel factories, from Idaho to Egypt. Relief, more joy, and fresh perspective is on its way. And the good news is that you may not need to escape the job you have to feel better now.

Sure, your boss is far from perfect. The company culture isn’t ideal. There’s been constant change. And this world is…well, a lot. But despite the circumstances (and chaos), you actually have more control than you think.

You’re way more powerful than you even imagine.

Ready to experience more happiness, satisfaction, and meaning at work?

Imagine it's Monday, and you...

  • Awake with a calm confidence, with a sense of “I got this” instead of dread and anxiety
  • Luxuriate in a morning routine so you feel vital, clear headed, and ready to take on the day!
  • Look forward to catching up with your colleagues and diving into an exciting project
  • Receive more positive feedback from your boss who appreciates you and supports the ideas you’re sharing
  • End the day with a sense of satisfying progress, feeling complete and ready to relax with people you love
  • Go to bed possessing a deep sense of privilege and pride—as in, “I’m so damn grateful to be in this position”—WOW my life is amazing

This is NOT a fantasy scenario.

"You will NOT be sorry. It's the best investment I have made in myself in a long time!"

Kelley Forseth

"Say "Yes"! and do it quickly. These tools and the time spent with Stella thru the coaching videos and group calls is priceless. It is truly a transformational experience and so very practical to every day living.”

Jeanette Ford, Customer Experience Director

"Stella taught me invaluable tools in seeing my strengths and taking action to have the life I never thought was possible."

Melissa Crastnopol

"Uniquely relevant and pragmatic, this was the best coaching experience ever. Stella has a great process."

Kate, Microsoft

"THE WORK HAPPINESS METHOD reveals breakthrough strategies to prevent burnout and love your job - in an authentic, down-to-earth, practical way."

Richie Norton, Author of ANTI-TIME MANAGEMENT

“There is no way I could have reached the place I am today alone. Stella is truly brilliant in how she teaches.”

Melissa M., Attorney

"I truly loved this program. All employers should have their employees participate in this. This is not only applicable for our jobs, but in all aspects of our lives.”

Course participant

"I've changed the way I handle conversations that I previously deemed hard. In using the tools learned during this workshop, I can now have more structured and direct conversations without going off on a tangent of emotions and perceptions."

Erica Brown

The Work Happiness Method™ Course

Because life is too precious to waste feeling bored, unmotivated, and bitter behind the desk.

Immediate relief

Transform your work life now. You don’t have to wait for a major change to feel better. From the first module you’ll shift into greater positivity, optimism, and control. Stella provides step-by-step guidance to enhance your daily work experience from day one. She takes the guesswork out of career fulfillment and wellbeing.


Experience proven tools, techniques, and strategies anchored in applied positive psychology, leadership research, and neuroscience. Stella brings you to the forefront of research in an engaging, easily digestible format. It's not just about learning; it's about applying evidence based principles to spark real change in your work life.

For busy people

Tailored for your busy schedule, The Work Happiness Method takes about 60-90 minutes per week. Engage with concise, impactful video modules, complemented by light, practical homework. And if life gets too hectic, don't worry – all content is accessible on your schedule, allowing you to progress at your own pace without missing a beat.

The course will help you:

Let’s Do this
  • Manage your mind and mood to feel happier
  • Figure out what you want and what’s next
  • Establish healthy boundaries so you have more energy
  • Know how to make each day count
  • Deal with difficult personalities gracefully and effectively
  • Set the right goals and know how to stick with them!
Let’s Do this

How the course helps organizations

  • Retain your top talent — with lower staff turnover and a team that works better together
  • Boost productivity & growth — with a happy workplace where your team thrives
  • Build an awesome company culture — take pride leading a company that everyone wants to be part of
Let’s Do this

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100% Money back guarantee
45 Countries
115,000 Happier Workers

A world-renowned positive psychology expert, executive coach, and speaker, Stella Grizont helps leaders work happier and live better.  Stella supports high performers in experiencing deeper career fulfillment while aiding organizations in elevating the engagement, productivity, and well-being of their employees.

18 Years

Stella Grizont has been working in her field for the last 18 years

1,600 individuals

Stella has coached over 1,600 individuals

45 countries

Stella has coached individuals in 27 countries

115,000 participants

115,000 people have taken a live or virtual workshop with Stella


Stella was one of the first 150 people in the world to earn a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania

“Stella is very authentic and thoughtful. Her wisdom and ability to draw out my thoughts and connect them to practical ideas.. she really helped me to have hope for my specific pain points.”

Jeanette Ford, Customer Experience Director

“It's worth it, and you're worth it.”

Linda Strauss, Strauss Human Resources

“Stella's course is one of the best values for executive coaching. You will definitely be glad you made the decision to work with Stella and it will change you permanently!"

Kelley Forseth

Did you know that employees who are happier are:


more likely to get promoted


more engaged


more productive


more creative
Gallup 2023

The Course Outline



How to Manage Your Mind and Mood
  • Learn the science of emotions and how to avoid three mental traps that sabotage your success and fulfillment.
  • Finally quiet your inner critic, stop comparing yourself to others, and learn the key to not taking things personally.
  • Start feeling more positive and in control of your mind and mood.


How to Develop Your Unique Definition of Success
  • Work through a step by step approach to figure out what you really want in your career and life.
  • Use a simple framework that elicits your unique desires with ease so you’re not left guessing or doubting.
  • Discern between what’s important for you personally versus what others believe is critical so you don’t follow the wrong path.


How to Live Your Values Everyday
  • Identify your values with a ten step process so you can hold yourself accountable to living more meaningfully each day.
  • Know how to make conscious decisions confidently and quickly.
  • Clarify where you need to put your energy in order to feel fulfilled.


How to Manage Your Time and Relationships to Prevent Burnout and Thrive
  • Use the boundaries builder system to identify what you need to protect and what you need to release.
  • Prevent or recover from burnout by better managing your time, relationships and space.
  • Learn how to say "no" with peacefulness and confidence even if you're a people pleaser.
  • Understand the difference between self care and self soothing activities so you can truly feel revived and restored.


How to Master Difficult Conversations and Ask For What You Want
  • Learn how to speak up for what you need (even if you've tried in the past and it hasn't worked).
  • Break through passive aggressive madness and transform troubling relationships.
  • Express yourself confidently, calmly, and effectively even in the most difficult conversation.
  • Script out what to say in the conversation, word for word so you feel prepared.


How to Deal with Fear and Uncertainty
  • Learn how to shift your worries instandly so you don't stop the flow of momentum you've developed.
  • Receive self talk scripts to transform a dreaded situation into a light one.
  • Master my favorite resilience skills to prepare for inevitable setbacks so you can bounce back quickly and keep your eye on the prize!


How to Explore Better Roles and Responsibilities
  • Go through a step by step system to articulate your dream rold and how to job-craft your way there.
  • Leverage your network to help you research what energizes you most and discover opportunities that you didn't even know existed.
  • Plan a discussion guide and develop specific questions to discover new possibilities for yourself.


How to Set Your Goals and Achieve Them. . . Even When You Fall Off Track
  • Figure out how to prioritize and organize your time so you can achieve the goals that best express your values while still having time to sleep, eat, and love those around you.
  • Use my favorite planning tool to help you focus on the right goals.
  • Learn about the science of motivation to stay on track and why relying on willpower alone isn't enough.

Turn work dread into your dream job

  • Become more productive and valued
  • Reduce stress and burnout
  • Wake up feeling excited
  • Enjoy a happier, healthier work culture
  • Open the door to new career opportunities

Feeling blah, meh, bored, or miserable at work not only costs individuals their well-being and happiness but also costs the global economy $8.8 trillion. This equates to 9 percent of global GDP. Imagine what we could achieve if we felt more alive at work.

Gallup 2023

Plus exciting bonuses in celebration of the book launch!

Bonus Coaching: 30 Minute Private One-On-One With Stella Grizont!

This bonus is available for a limited time! In this session you'll have the opportunity to work through any challenge, goal, or question you’re facing. Stella will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire before beginning so you both can jump right in. With 18 years of coaching experience, you can make a lot of progress in 30 minutes. Need a script for what to say to your boss? Want to forge trust within your team? Unsure what decision to make? Stella will be there for you!  

Bonus Training: How to Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

In this transformative session, you'll dive into the world of Imposter Syndrome, understanding its roots and impact. Discover the five power leaks that drain your sense of control and self worth and what to do about them. Learn practical strategies to overcome self-doubt, embrace your achievements, and confidently step into your true potential.

Bonus Training: How to Stay Sane, Positive, and Resilient in Uncertain Times

Navigate the challenges of an ever-changing work environment with grace and strength. This training equips you with evidence-based tools to maintain mental and emotional well-being amidst uncertainty. Learn techniques (that take less than one minute) to cultivate a positive mindset, build resilience, and stay grounded, ensuring that no matter what the world throws your way, you remain balanced and focused.

Script: How to Say "No" and Set Healthy Boundaries

Protect your time, energy, and well-being while maintaining positive relationships by learning how to say "no". These carefully crafted scripts are clear, kind, and assertive. Designed to help you set healthy boundaries at work and in your personal life, these scripts guide you through various scenarios, teaching you how to decline draining activities with respect and dignity.

Downloadable Journal

Progress is motivating. You're already doing so much but probably don't give yourself enough credit. This journal helps you see yourself and generate a feedback system from within. Not only that, it's meticulously designed to house all your activities throughout the program, so everything is tidy and in one place.

“Now when people ask me what I do, I tell them, ‘I enjoy my life, that’s what I do.”

Bruce H., CMO

"I got promoted! I finally had the talk with my manager and the very next day, she promoted me. Stella's course really helped me gain the confidence to be open and decisive about what I wanted."

Course Participant

"Thank you Stella for changing my life."

Course Participant
The Work Happiness Method

Release the stress & overwhelm, live with more calm, confidence and joy.

You spend a third of your life at work. Let’s make those hours count. The people in your life are too important to get your scraps and your talent is too precious to waste.

The Work Happiness Method is jam-packed with practical strategies and proven principles that pave the way to workplace happiness and wellbeing. If you’re fantasizing about quitting, do this program first. The last thing you want is to find a new job and end up feeling the exact same way!

We wish such skills were taught in school… imagine what your job, family, community, and the world would look like with individuals who could manage their emotions, know what they want, engage whole heartedly, set healthy boundaries, communicate with compassion, and achieve what matters. It would be bliss. It’s never too late or too early to learn, to take control of your day and your destiny.

When you do this inner work, you not only do it for yourself. You do it for those you love, you do it for your team, you do it for the barista who greets you in the morning. When you feel more alive at work and in life, it’s contagious, and uplifts everyone around you. Hope to see you there!

“When you find your piece in the puzzle, you enable 10,000 others to find theirs.” - proverb

Your happiness, guaranteed

You’ve got nothing to lose.

Your being happy is our mission. If after doing this program, you don’t notice a positive shift in your mindset, engagement, and overall fulfillment at work, we'll refund your money. To process a refund email support@stellagrizont.com within 60 days of your purchase date. We’ll ask for some of your coursework to see that you’ve done the work. We don't offer refunds to those who haven't even tried. Bet on yourself!  You have nothing to lose.

most flexible
6 Monthly Payments of

$97 USD

Get Started
1 Payment of

$497 USD

Get Started
100% Money back guarantee
45 Countries
115,000 Happier Workers

“There is no way I could have reached the place I am at today alone. Stella is truly brilliant in how
she teaches.”

Melissa M., Attorney

“I learned how to understand my values, my strengths, and my boundaries - The Work Happiness Method™ has given me a voice again.”

Janie C., Programmer

“This work built up my confidence. I realized that worrying about my worth was all in my head.”

Twanna T., Social Media Manager

"It was a wonderful way to get direction with a regimneted approach that helped me answer the question, 'Who am I?'"

Bruce H., CMO

Will it work?

Plus icon

The Work Happiness Method™ program is designed to help you crack your own code - to figure out what you really want and to break through what’s been keeping you stuck. Stella guides you step by step, so you're not overwhelmed. The thing is, just like with any life changing work, you have to do the work! As with anything worth doing, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.  We have a 97% success rate - meaning people who complete this program feel happier with themselves and their work after taking this program.

I wouldn’t describe myself as miserable at work, is this still right for me?

Plus icon

The Work Happiness Method™ helps you develop inner skills to keep you steadily moving towards your vision to be your most alive and fulfilled self. Just like you take your vitamins or go to the gym, even if you are healthy, you want to continually flex your inner skills to be most resilient and engaged in your work and life. The Work Happiness Method helps you be more clear and confident in your decision making. Inevitably things will change, you won’t feel as challenged, you’ll get a new boss, the market shifts - knowing your values and how to steer yourself back to what matters helps reduce insecurity and promotes greater alignment with your choices.

What if I'm not ready to quit my job?

Plus icon

The course isn’t about quitting anything—because that’s not always the answer. Don’t waste your time searching for jobs until you take this course. With simple adjustments you can transform your day-to-day experience. Do this first to figure out if it’s you or the job that needs changing. If you conclude that it’s time to find a new gig, then this will give you the roadmap to figuring out what job would be an ideal fit. Taking this program will help you cut down on your search time, give you better questions to ask in your job interview, help you network effectively, and give you confidence in your decisions.

I’m an entrepreneur, does this apply?

Plus icon

Sure does! As an entrepreneur myself, and as someone who has coached entrepreneurs for 10 years I know very intimately how difficult it is to launch and run a business. It can be lonely and overwhelming. All the risk that you’re taking on, plus all the uncertainty you’re facing make for a breeding ground of stress and self-doubt. It’s also common that as a business owner, you wear so many hats, which means it’s easy to get depleted…and then resent your business. But don’t give up!Often, entrepreneurs either forget why they went into business—or they never really figured out why. It’s especially critical for entrepreneurs to do the Work Happiness Method™, so they can lead their business confidently in a direction that serves their needs. If you don’t, it’s likely you’ll run out of steam or sanity—or both! So yes, it does apply.

So what's actually included?

Plus icon

Eight (8) pre-recorded trainings with customized assignments  PDF recaps of each session Unlimited access to course materialsExciting bonuses including, for a limited time, a 30 minute private coaching session with Stella herself! Plus her most popular masterclasses, a downloadable journal and more! This is over $1,000 in value!

But I don’t know if I can handle another to-do. How much work is involved?

Plus icon

We understand. It averages out to be about 90 minutes a week. Each week the interactive training is about 30-60 minutes long. Plus there's a little homework that you'll need to do throughout the week. It doesn’t take a ton of time, but it does require commitment. Listen to yourself and go for it when you’re ready.

Will I work with Stella directly?

Plus icon

In celebration of her book launching, Stella is including a special bonus opportunity! You’ll receive a one-on-one 30 minute coaching session with her that you can schedule within the calendar year. You’ll receive access to her calendar link and can select a date that’s convenient for you. If you’d like to work more closely with Stella and explore private coaching, book a discovery call here. Rates for private coaching begin at $7,500.

When does the program begin?

Plus icon

Once you submit your payment you will get an email with your first training. Each training is delivered one week after that. If you prefer to choose your own start time, you can arrange that by emailing support@stellagrizont.com.

Can't I just read the book?

Plus icon

Yes, absolutely! Stella wrote The Work Happiness Method book to make this information more accessible. The course is for you if you learn better through video guidance, want some accountability, prompts to get the work done, and those juicy bonuses including a private session with Stella!

Are there recordings?

Plus icon

Yes. You receive access to recordings indefinitely, plus PDF guides, and worksheets. Even if you have a trip scheduled during the program, relax...you have access to everything and can go at a pace that's comfortable for you.

Maybe things aren't that bad after all - is this worth it?

Plus icon

That depends. How badly do you want a change? Some people are willing to feel miserable for a bit longer. If that describes you, you must realize that when your morale suffers, your performance suffers, your loved ones suffer (from your moodiness) and you’re not very engaged in or excited about your life. What exactly is it you’re waiting for? If the course is too much, grab the book! Why prolong the blah-ness or misery when greatness, joy, freedom, and your purpose await? I know you have expenses and you should absolutely be responsible with your finances.  But think about what you invest in...is it furniture, landscaping, nice yoga pants, a vacation? What about where you spend most of your waking life? What about your own development as a human being? What about investing in how you're showing up for your loved ones? I think you're absolutely worth it...I hope you do, too.  Plus, our payment plan option should make this a lot more doable for you.

Can I get my company to pay for this?

Plus icon

We'll happily fill out any paperwork you need to submit this for reimbursement once you’re registered. Email support@stellagrizont.com. If you’d like your organization to provide this for your team, check out our offerings for organizations here.

Is there a group rate?

Plus icon

We offer special programs for organizations. To learn more, email support@stellagrizont.com to inquire. Or check out our corporate program. We love working with groups - from universities to hospital systems to tech companies to retailers.

What if I'm not happy? Can I get a refund?

Plus icon

Your being happy is our mission. We'll refund your money so long as you let us know within 60 days. To process a refund you must email stella@stellagrizont.com. We don't offer refunds to those who haven't even tried.  So we’ll ask for proof of your coursework. You have nothing to lose. Bet on yourself!

More questions? Want to talk to someone?

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Email your questions to support@stellagrizont.com and we’ll get back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions