What My Daughter Taught Me About Love

April 24, 2016
What My Daughter Taught Me About Love

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Since becoming a mom, I love working from home so I can sneak playtime and cuddles with my 16-month-old in between calls.

It never ceases to make me feel INCREDIBLE when I walk out of my office and see the sheer glee on her face at seeing me. She claps her hands and runs into my arms.

There. is. NOTHING. Better. Than. That.

Every night, my husband and I reflect on the sweet moments we've each had with Linor, and I shared with him how her greeting me absolutely overwhelms me with joy.

And that's when I realized...why don't I do that?

I mean, I absolutely ADORE my husband and am beyond grateful to have him in my life. But when he comes home, I give him a hello and a kiss…usually rushed because I’m preoccupied with getting dinner finished (or started!) and whatever else I’m thinking about. Maybe I won't clap for joy the way Linor does, but why don’t I take a sec and greet him with the sheer love I have for him?

According to researchers Ed Diener and Sonja Lyubomirsky, our relationships are the biggest predictors of our happiness—above and beyond our health, our success, even our wealth.

And yet, we so often take those we love the most for granted. Especially when it’s been a few years…and life gets in the way.

So, I am now taking a cue from the wisest one in our family—our 16-month-old daughter, Linor—and choosing to REVEL in the presence of those I most care about.

What about you? Does this sound familiar? If yes, can you think of better ways to express your love and appreciation for those you cherish most? How might you be more purposeful in the time you have with these special people?

I would LOVE (no pun intended!) to hear your thoughts and ideas on this one. In the meantime…

Showing you love,


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