Your People-Pleasing Could Actually Be a Symptom of Trauma

April 2, 2024
Your People-Pleasing Could Actually Be a Symptom of Trauma

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Do you struggle with prioritizing your needs Do you find yourself jumping through hoops to avoid disappointing others? Is it a challenge to trust yourself and know what you really want in the moment?

If any (or all) of the above resonates, you may already identify as a people pleaser. What’s less discussed is that these behaviors could be symptomatic of fawning, a traumatic stress response. In adulthood, fawning can lead to poor boundaries, perfectionism, resentment, and potentially chronic disease.

If you’re a fawner, don’t blame yourself. Fawning is not a choice so much as it is an automatic nervous system response to stress—the threat of being disconnected. The good news is that we can rewire ourselves and generate new ways of being and belonging.

Check out my interview with Poosh here to learn how!

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