The Science of Love (it's kinda anti-relationship)

February 14, 2024
The Science of Love (it's kinda anti-relationship)

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Love is the supreme positive emotion because it's as essential to our wellbeing as water and sunlight. We need it to flourish. We need each other to be well. But what's fascinating is that love doesn't have to involve a long lasting relationship - we can get doses of love from strangers, our colleagues, and the mail carrier (no, not in that way!)

Love, it turns out, is a momentary experience in our bodies. Watch this quick video I made recapping the findings of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson's research on Love.

What I love about this research on love is that we can spread it to everyone we encounter.  How might you adjust even your smallest interactions with others if you see it as an opportunity to give and receive one of life's most powerful driving forces?

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