Re-ignite & retain your employees

There’s a lot of pressure on organizations to engage employees and keep them well and happy. The Work Happiness Method™ is designed to re-ignite employees, from the inside-out by teaching them key inner skills.

Did you know that:


Of US employees are disengaged


Of employees are looking for new jobs*


The percent of an employee’s salary paid in turnover costs
Gallup 2023 Workplace Report

Employee development and wellbeing depends on inner skills


How to manage your mind and mood


How to know what you really, really want and develop your unique definition of success


How to make conscious decisions with confidence and live your values every day


How to provide self-care and avoid burnout


How to deal with life’s uncertainty


How to explore opportunities within and beyond your role that most engage you


How to transform confrontations into conversations


How to return to what matters (without pushing so hard)

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”


The Work Happiness Method™

Re-ignite and retain employees, from the inside-out by teaching them key inner skills.

How the program will help your organization


Retain employees by igniting engagement

Employees get clear on what they really want so they can maximize engagement, influence their responsibilities in line with their strengths, and drive their career growth within your organization.

Enhance wellbeing and prevent burnout

Employees gain awareness of where they need to create better boundaries and self care practices to optimize their energy and satisfaction at work.

Boost resilience and focus in uncertain times

Employees learn how to manage their thoughts and emotions so they can stay engaged instead of distracted by negativity, complaints, and worries especially when unexpected changes come up.

Develop confidence and productivity

Employees gain an authentic and organic sense of power and influence which helps them do their job better and feel more satisfied with their experience at work.

Empower effective communication and psychological safety

Employees learn how to articulate their needs peacefully and effectively with their managers and coworkers before it’s too late.

"The Work Happiness Method program has helped our faculty and staff participants identify and focus on their true purpose and priorities at work and in life. Armed with new perspectives, participants have been able to cultivate healthier relationships, better cope with difficult moments, find fulfillment at work and gain new levels of well-being at work. The experience has been a wonderful addition to our University Wellness Program."

Elizabeth R., Click, DNP, ND, RN, CWP, Medical Director, Case Western Reserve University

Program Content Overview

60 minute modules can be delivered weekly live or pre-recorded on-demand
Week 1


How to Master Your Mind and Mood
  • Learn the science of emotions and how to avoid three mental traps that sabotage your success and fulfillment.
  • Finally quiet your inner critic, stop comparing yourself to others, and learn the key to not taking things personally.
  • Start feeling more positive and in control of your mind and mood.
Week 2


How to Create Your Career Vision, Here & Now
  • Work through a step by step approach to figure out what you really want in your career and life.
  • Use a simple frame work that elicits your unique desires with ease so you’re not left guessing or doubting.
  • Discern between what’s important for you personally versus what others believe is critical so you don’t follow the wrong path.
Week 3


How to Make Conscious Decisions, Everyday, That Align With Your Values
  • Identify your values with a ten step process so you can hold yourself accountable to living more meaningfully each day.
  • Know how to make conscious decisions confidently and quickly.
  • Clarify where you need to put your energy in order to feel fulfilled.
Week 4

Healthy Boundaries

How To Manage Your Time And Relationships WithResilience So You Can Prevent Burnout
  • Use the boundaries builder system to identify what you need to protect and what you need to release.
  • Prevent or recover from burnout by better managing your time, relationships and space.
  • Learn how to say "no" with peacefulness and confidence even if you're a people pleaser.
  • Understand the difference between self care and self soothing activities so you can truly feel revived and restored.
Week 5

Authentic Communication

How to Ask for What You Need
  • Learn how to speak up for what you need (even if you've tried in the past and it hasn't worked).
  • Break through passive aggressive madness and transform troubling relationships.
  • Express yourself confidently, calmly, and effectively even in the most difficult conversation.
  • Script out what to say in the conversation, word for word so you feel prepared.

“My heart is so big. I have never seen such high engagement in a five week program.”

Director of Talent, Dow Jones

"This has been life changing. I’ve done a lot of programs and this is by far the BEST I’ve experienced."

Dow Jones Participant

"My emotional and professional well-being have returned to me."

Miami Dade College Faculty Participant

"I am more focused and in control. Finally I have work-life balance and don’t feel so frazzled."

Wall Street Journal Participant

"I have more confidence in how I think, feel, and communicate both at work and in my personal life."

Lee Health Participant

"I am more mindful of what I want to achieve each day so my sense of purpose really improved."

Lee Health Participant

"I’m much more empathetic and way more confident."

Dow Jones Participant

Program participants see tremendous improvements in mental well-being, optimism, and engagement

Percent change of group average
I’m clear about what’s next for me in my career.
I’m flourishing and experiencing positive well-being.
Up 27%
I’m feeling depressed and/or anxious.
Down 19%
I’m burned out or very close to it.
Down 28%
I manage my stress well.
Up 24%
I am happy with the quality of my relationships at work.
Up 16%
When I wake up, I look forward to the day ahead.
Up 21%
I have healthy boundaries
Up 22%
2023 Results from a cohort of 87 participants

94%of participants agree that The Work Happiness Method has made them a better leader

A world-renowned positive psychology expert, executive coach, and speaker, Stella Grizont helps leaders work happier and live better.  Stella supports high performers in experiencing deeper career fulfillment while aiding organizations in elevating the engagement, productivity, and well-being of their employees.

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Stella has coached individuals in 45 countries

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